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After being a victim the sun does show its face again. You will rise again and you will learn to trust again. You will have new ideas and develop new feelings." Stay as long as you like. You are safe here. With Much Love, Tricia Piazza

Heavenly Sent Earth Angels

"Friendship isn't about who you

have known the longest...

It's about those who came
and never left your side."

Tom and Dawn Allen
Joshua Allen
Dr. Mark Goldstein
Dr. Janet Norton
Dr. Mark DiBuono
Dr. Richard W. Maloney
Adam Smith, PhD.
M.A.D.D., Charlotte, N.C.
Mecklenburg County Women's Commission
The National Coaliation of Domestic Violence
New Choices Strategies For Success
N. C. Council for Women
The Shelter for Battered Women, Charlotte, NC 
United Family Services Victim Assistance, Charlotte, NC 
Shannon Bognovitz
Debbie Falco
Cindy Dorsey
Lyn Foulk 
Laurie Glinter
Steve Glinter
Captain Gregory L. Hawes
Michelle T. Hein
June M. Kimmel
Pat & Bob Davis
Luckey You Girls (Lynn & Jackie) 
Shirleen Mitchell
Debbie Piazza (from Canada)
Francine Puncillo
JUDGE Eugene N. Salisbury
Monique R. Taylor
Ruthie Van Dunk
Jane Bogg
Sheri Hilton
Rose Vento
Sarah F. Wampler
Brenda Wells
David & Linda Mercaldo

My Daughter Ginamarie
...Thank you to my beautiful daughter for always encouraging me to stand up for what was right. 
Thank you for being by my side and walking with me while I got to the next chapter of my life.
Thank you for always being confident, passionate and unconvential in your fearless style.

My Husband Solly

...Thank you to my wonderful husband who has made a strong contribution to who I am today. 
His warmth, not so quiet strength and attitude has been a great influence in my life. 
I finally met my soulmate who changed the path of my life
in more ways that I could have ever dreamed possible
with his never ending love and patience.

Thank you for keeping me safe and loved.

I dedicate my life to you all. 
You have had a positive approach in my life that served as
an on going source of energy and motivation for me.

You were my inspiration when I became discouraged.

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