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After being a victim the sun does show its face again. You will rise again and you will learn to trust again. You will have new ideas and develop new feelings." Stay as long as you like. You are safe here. With Much Love, Tricia Piazza

Healing Retreats

The Healing Retreats that we highly recommend are as follows:
This is a Women's Wellness, Holistic Healing, Spiritual Psychology, & Plant Medicine.  

The Office is in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Appointments and Consultations and Classes, Certifications and retreats Serving the Mid West. 
Online Services and Classes Are Offered.

: (preferred method of communication)

Office Location: 1310 Wisconsin Avenue, 1st Floor, Sheboygan, Wi 53081 (By appointment only)

Retreats and Events:   Wisconsin 

Appointments and Consultations: available face to face in Sheboygan, via phone, and web-conferencing (skype)

Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA is a scholar, teacher, consultant, spiritual counselor, and holistic healing facilitator with 20 years of education and experience in psychology, spirituality, holistic healing, and natural health. 

She has her PhD in Health Psychology with a speciality in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) from Walden University in Minneapolis. 

As part of her doctoral degree, she studied Transpersonal Psychology, Psychoneuroimmunolology Holistic Medicine, Intergrative Medicine and Behavior Nutrition for a deeper understanding of the mind/body/spirit/energy/connection. 

She specializes in holistic health, spiritual psychology, and three areas of Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Mind/Body, Natural Health, and Energy Medicine. 

Our retreats use physical activity as a vehicle to bring balance, self awareness, and healthy attitudes into everyday life, all at a pace that is comfortable for YOU.

Christina is a 10th degree independent Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher.  Her Reiki Master Teacher is Arline Rowden.  

Christina is offering all services, all classes, all retreats and individual appointments 1o percent off to all Enuff Is Enuff Members.
Please email her at to receive your discount.


At Skyterra Wellness Retreat, our mission is to make a difference in people's lives by demonstrating healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable lifestyle changes. 

365 days a year, we offer a wide range of health-promoting and personal enrichment actitities in one relaxing enviroment.

Spend your days on the trails, on the mat, in the gym, or simply in reflection. 

Even better, choose a mix of everything.  Follow along with the weekly schedule in the way that feels best for you.

We want our wellness program to accommodate diverse priorities, so we've designed it to be fun, customizable, and holistic. 

Learn more: explore differemt elements of our program and browse sample schedules below.

The Stress Management Wellness Retreat Stress Management cultivates a resilient mindset which is an essential part of lifelong wellness. 

We teach and practice management that you can work into tour lifestyle once you return home.   

The Fitness Wellness Retreat Fitness offers a varierity of evolvin fitness classes that are informed by the latest exercise research.  

Big Sky Yoga Retreat
Home is where the heart is and that's in BIG SKY MONTANA

You can attest that this belongs on every one's bucket list.

Whether you're an experienced yogini looking for a fresh challenge or new to the mat and hoping to build your practice, Big Sky Yogo Retreats offer something for everyone. 

Our retreats are designed to help you connect with your body, breath, nature, and other inspiring women. 

The only thing founder Margaret Burns Vap loves more than yoga and outdoor fitness is connecting and inspiring women. 

Not only do her retreats help transform body and mind through yoga and outdoor activities, they provide a safe (and luxurious) atmosphere to open up and be yourself.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats is honored to be recognized frequently as one of the premiere yoga retreat companies in the world. 

Check out the third-party praise across magazines, blogs, and videos from new leaders like CNN.

You will create mind-body-nature connections.

Today's always on, information-overload, whirlwind-pace world makes it hard to achieve such a mindset.  But, it's not impossible.  It just takes a little intentionality, love, and space. 

EscapeHaven.Com-At The Bali Retreat Escape Haven, we believe that every woman has the ability to rejuvenate, transform, and blossom into the most radiant version of herself when given time, space and support of a nourishing, uplifting environment. 

There has been over 5,000 women that have stayed with us.  It is our privilege and passion to share this journey with so many like minded women and bring them together to re-inject that sparkle and connection with themselves and each other.  

As women, we are so busy filling up everyone else's tank that we forget to fill our own. 

One week is all it takes to allow to allow you to re-discover your inner glow.

Since creating this tropical luxe haven, for women to get away from the pressures of everyday life and just be, it's been wonderful to witness the amazing transformations that one week with us makes.

I invie you to join us and experience the magic of Escape Haven.

Most Awarded - We have been awarded for prestigious international awards more than any other Bali retreat.  We are honoured to have been heralded as Best Retreat from Conde Nast, Fairfax, Harpers, Bazaar, Lux Magazine and Marie Claire to name just a few.

Most Experiended Team - Our hand delected team of over 40 professional staff are all highly qualified in their respective fields.  With therapeutic chefs highly experienced therapists and a full western host team, our team are consistently praised week after week by appreciative guests.

Best of the Best- We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality retreat experience.  Every single element that creates an Escape Haven retreat is meticulously designed and customized to suit each guests needs and goals.  Best of all, our luxury Bali retrearts start from only US $2,195.

Bali +62 821 4512 1881
What'sApp +62 821 4512-1881

At Women's Quest fitness and yoga advenuure retreats are the ultimate vacation designed to energize your body, refresh your spirit, and ignite your mind. 

Created by women for women, our fun filled health and wellness trips have been transforming travelers of all ages for over 25 years. 

Our retreats take fitness and well being to a new level by blending the perfect mix of outdoor activities with mindfull practicies, including yoga and the Hearts Desire process, to create an adventure that will spark your passion and empower you to LIVE LIFE! 

Retreats are held in some of the most inspiringly beautiful places on earth - ideal back drops for personal growth, transformation, and fun! 

Come share a week with like minded women and inspirational staff.  You'll leave with your biggest smile ever, and the tools and support to keep it there.  

With Women's Quest, you'll be joined on the path by a small group of like minded travelers each with different backgrounds and expectations, but the common goal of following her bliss.

Empower your Body and Mind - You've all had those triumphant moments when we achieved something we once believed impossible. 

Our all female staff of atheletes, artists, dance and yoga instructors, body therapists, coaches, optimists, and inspiration junkies is commited to helping women reach their full potential, in an atmosphere that is supportive, friendly, and non-competitive. 
Basically we play all day.  

Colleen Cannon is the founder of Women's Quest 
Colleen has been featured on an episode of Skirt Sports Fueled by Positivity. 
This talk show is hosted by Skirt Sports owner Nicole Deboom whose passion is to help women find strength, power and happiness through sports.

Becca Korn is the WQ Chief Everything Officer

Lorraine Moller is he Olympic Medalist/Run/Coach/Speaker

Jacqueline Stanford is the Chief Fun Officer

address 2525 Arapahoe Ave. E-4 181
Boulder Co 80302
"Serve with a full heart. By making others happy, you make yourself happy. The key to your heart lies hidden in the heart of another."- Swami Kripalu

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to creating an awakened, compassionate, and connected world, and our educational offerings are designed to help people realize their full potential as they learn to apply the principles of yoga on and off the mat. 

We offer varying levels of customization to suit your groups’ objectives and endless possibilities for an event you will all be talking about—and feeling the benefits of—long after you leave.

In addition to all Kripalu has to offer with its daily workshops, delicious whole-foods menu, evening events, captivating landscape, comfortable accommodations and our dedicated and caring staff, Group Benefits can include the following options.
Housing discounts
Private classes with a certified Kripalu teacher
Additional gathering spaces
Outdoor guides
Discounts on Healing Arts and in the Kripalu Shop
Reserved dining areas
Personal attention—making it easy to plan for your retreat 
Program questions, visit information, and registration
866.200.5203 toll-free
413.448.3152 (international and local)
Monday–Friday 9:00 am–7:30 pm EST, Saturday–Sunday 9:00 am–5:00 pm EST
Guest Services and general questions:
Healing Arts appointments: 888.738.1822
YOGASCAPES is redefining social adventure and experiential travel for yoga and wellness enthusiasts worldwide. Each one of our unique yoga retreats is handcrafted and built from the mat up – fueled by the practices of yoga and a commitment to living a healthy and inspired lifestyle. Our mission is to bring a small group of individuals together in a beautiful natural setting who feel the same way, and have the time of our lives.

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