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After being a victim the sun does show its face again. You will rise again and you will learn to trust again. You will have new ideas and develop new feelings." Stay as long as you like. You are safe here. With Much Love, Tricia Piazza

Thank You Dacha

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For staying by me when I couldn't tell the difference between me and a doormat.

Thank you for licking away my tears.

Dacha & Beamer, Thank you, for staying by my side when I was beaten,
punched, kicked, spit on, pushed, strangled, lied to and betrayed.

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For staying by me when 2 police officers entered our home to announce that they
were with my ex husband (the man that tried to kill me).
I remember hearing them tell us they were only there to take a few more things of his from our home.

I can remember both of your little faces looking at me confused when the 2 police officers 
ordered us to go in the garage and stay there until we were told it was ok to go back in. 
You heard me trying to tell the Police Officers that I had a restraining order from the Judge
in Charlotte, North Carolina that stated my ex husband was not allowed
to come near our home or me.
en I was ordered by the police officers
I will never forget the feeling that went thru me ~ once again I was being victimized.
This time by 2 police officers".

Thank you for standing by me when I first saw that my ex cut my clothes.
Thank you for staying by me when I saw he stole the little money we had. 
Thank you for not leaving my side when I saw he took all the boxes in the attic that were marked "Gina".

Thank you for not leaving me when I noticed he took the jewelry my parents left me

Thank you for not leaving my side when I saw him take the evidence that I had against him for court

Thank you for listening to me when I told you how I stood up for what was just and not POLITICALLY CORRECT.

Thank you for being patient with me while I wrote to all the politicians, and local police authorities trying to bring awareness to domestic violence and restraining orders.
I didn't want to see other women suffer like I did.

Thank you for listening to me when I told you I fired my first attorney because he was dishonest.

Thank you for being my friends.  

You never got tired of me when I told you I didn't have the strength to walk you. 
Thank you for listening to me when I told you that the Doctor diagnosed me with Lupus.
Thank you for understanding me when I was crying.

Thank you for being there when no one else was.

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